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Latin American Missions is a multifaceted ministry with one primary goal: soul salvation!

Our eight areas of work interconnected in a way where we can reach the lost, care for the needy and help the displaced.

You Can Be A Part of This Great Effort!

Native Preacher Training & Support

Throughout Latin American, christian men are eagerly searching for a way to share the gospel with their fellow friends and neighbors. They wish to become preachers, but they don’t have a training in the scriptures.

Thankfully, LAM provides Native Preacher Training at the Bible School of the Americas (BMAS) in Panama- a two-year preaching training centered around donations and scholarships.

After graduation, the student then return to their home countries to nurture and guide the newly established congregations. Native Preacher Support is vital to helping these men and churches survive.

Medical Missions & Evangelistic Campaigns

The primary goal for all our campaigns is “to seek and save the lost” and to encourage and build up one another (Luke 19:10, I Thessalonians 5:11).

Our Mobile Medical Missions help relieve the physical ailments of thousands. However, we don’t stop there. During our campaigns, the gospel is taught day and night, souls are baptized into Christ and new congregations are established.

The same is true with the Evangelistic Campaigns where emphasis is placed on areas where the church is weak or non-existent.

Sign up for one of our medical missions or evangelic campaigns today because the experience will touch your heart and change your life forever!

Benevolence & Construction

Benevolence outreaches are always present but definitely become more significant during times of disaster. Our strategy is to provide familiar food items–rice, beans, flour, oil–and allow the local church to distribute them. This way, contacts are made and the local church is lifted up in the community.

Constructions Teams also get involved when disasters arise, building new homes and shelters. They also work on building projects to supply meeting places for our brethren.

Please help us, help others!

Printing Ministry & Child Care

Our Printing Ministry provides Spanish teaching materials to our teachers and preachers in Latin America. The main purposes of our printing ministry is to: spread the word, provide curriculum materials for our preaching students, and provide Bible class material for the congregations.

We also have Child Care programs in place to care for and feed the homeless, hungry children of Latin America. We are constantly developing new methods to feed, cloth and shelter the innocents of poverty and neglect. We also have a Children’s Home on our campus in Panama.

Our Children’s Home is always in need of support, both through donations and prayers.

“Into Our Hands, the Gospel is Given.”

Take a deeper look into the history of Latin American Missions and the heart behind this work.

How Can You Help?

Please Pray

There is nothing more powerful in this world than the power of prayer! Every day we have people around the world praying for our preachers, teachers, missionaries, staff, Children’s Home, campaigns, and much more. Without prayer LAM wouldn’t be where it is today. Please join the LAM family and become a prayer warrior for God’s work in Latin America!

Please Donate

LAM only survives due to generous donations from fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Throughout the years our support has grown and now we are able to help more people than ever before. Please help us continue to grow, because the more we work together the farther God’s kingdom will go! Become a part of the LAM family today!

Please Go

We would be overjoyed if you joined us on one of our campaigns! We promise that it’s an experience like never before and will change your life. Just imagine the memories you will make serving God’s people among your Christian brothers and sisters. Our campaigns focus on medicine, evangelism, youth and construction.

Go or Send?

Our lives are filled with a multitude of responsibilities and commitments–church, family, work, school, etc–sometimes making us feel inadequate when moved to act on opportunities to fulfill the great commission. Any mission effort is only as strong as the support it receives from individuals and congregations. They provide a base from which all great campaigns are launched. When it comes right down to it, there are those who can go and those who can send.

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Please Note: The U.S. State Department has issued a Travel Warning for the countries of El Salvador and Honduras. Please review these warnings before committing to participating in one of the campaigns into these countries.