Forrest Park YES 2 campaign group going to Penonome, Republic of Panama

On a Mission to change lives!

On July 1, 1977, I went to Panama for the very first time just like some of these individuals. I didn’t know as I got on the aircraft what a major change was about take place. I was not the leader, but was one of many others who had been asked to go. I didn’t know the language, so I was given a translator, Julio Cruz. Our first day all we did was pass out tracts. That night we had preaching in the local park. When it was over we were to engage some person sitting in the park to find out their reaction to the sermon. Our first person was a young lady named Martina. We asked several questions like “did you like the message”, “would you like to know more”, etc. She accepted a bible study for the next day. We went to her very humble grass hut house on a neighboring island. For several hours we shared the word of God for the first time. She and 3 other members of her family were baptized that day. This last June at our lectureship in Panama, I met the 3rd generation of that fantastic encounter in July 1977. I know it changed Martina’s life for eternity, but it also changed MY LIFE PROFOUNDLY!! To God be the Glory!!!

Panama Jack