Meet our Missionaries: Those who GO

At LAM we have a team of hardworking missionaries, translators, and ministers ready to GO out into the world and preach the gospel.

Jack & Nancy Farber

Jack Farber has worked with LAM since 1977. He currently is the director of the Pan American Bible Institute in Panama City, Panama. For two and a half years, Jack, his wife, Nancy, and their two sons lived in Panama while he worked at the school. Jack, aka “Panama Jack,” enjoys being a deacon at the Forrest Park Church of Christ, woodworking, fishing, and playing with his four grandchildren.

Dave & Sharon Huffman

Dave Huffman began working as a missionary with LAM in 2006. He is married to Sharon and has two children. During his years with LAM he has served in Nicaragua and Honduras, lead evangelistic campaigns, and raised money for the Children’s Home of the Americas. Dave currently is the director of the Children’s Home and is passionate about his work there.

John Farber Family Picture
John & Jocelyn Farber

John Farber is the son of Jack Farber and spent a portion of his childhood living in Panama. John now works with his father at LAM, and over the last 15 years he has participated on campaigns to Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama and the San Blas Islands. John and his wife, Jocelyn live in Jacksonville, Florida and are blessed with one son, Aidan.

Spencer & Renee Broome

Spencer Broome serves on the Congregational Development Committee for the Forrest Park congregation, along with working in foreign evangelism for LAM. He is responsible for the YES II campaigns held throughout the summer— campaigns targeted towards young people. Spencer is married to Renee.

Charles & Martha Renfro 

Charles Renfro joined the LAM team in 1977 as the printing minister. As the printing minister, Charles oversees the completion of about one million pieces of Spanish literature printed, packaged, and distributed to 350 congregations throughout Latin America. Charles also serves as a deacon at the Forrest Park Church of Christ and enjoys spending time with his wife, Martha, their three children, and six grandchildren.

Kirk & Cindy Brothers or

Kirk Brothers is one of our missionaries and has been proclaiming the Word of God from the pulpit since he was 15 years old— serving a in full-time ministry for over 23 years. He has worked in Elizabethtown, KY; Hatley, MS; McMinnville, TN; and Columbia, TN. Kirk has also participated in mission trips to Israel, Ukraine, England, India, Panama, Peru, and the Navaho Reservation in Arizona. Kirk is now an Assistant Professor of Bible at Freed-Hardeman University. Kirk and his wife Cindy are blessed with two daughters, Kaitlyn and Hannah.

Meet our Staff: Those who SEND

Here at LAM headquarters in Valdosta we have a team of secretaries, translators, and technological experts dedicated to helping SEND christians out into the world to preach the gospel.

Donna Swilley

Donna Swilley serves as the bookkeeper for Forrest Park Church of Christ and Latin American Missions, and started working at Forrest Park in 2014. She is married to Donnie Swilley and they have two children, Dillon and Dalton.

Rosalina Brathwaite

Rosalina Brathwaite is the main translator for LAM. She is a native of Mexico. and after graduating from the University of Texas she married Jorge Antonio of Panama— together they have two daughters.  Since 1995, Rosalina has worked in translation, translating reports from preachers and workers on the field so supporting congregations can understand. She also helps with our annual publications, such as the LAM Newsletter and the Gospel Advocate Commentaries.

Sarah Dutton

Sarah Dutton is our administrative assistant and started working for LAM in 2005. She now spends most of her time at the Children’s Home in Panama. Sarah grew up in Virginia and attended Freed-Hardeman University— where she received degrees in elementary education and vocational ministry.  Sarah loves spending time with her Latin brethren and children, teaching ladies classes, learning Spanish, and traveling.

Roger Steis

Roger Steis is the media specialist for LAM. He retired from the United States Air Force in 1997 after a 26-year career and immediately began working for the church. He is responsible for the effective and efficient operation of the LAM computer systems, database management and web applications. He also composes the graphic designs, layouts and mailings of all our Printing Ministry’s publications. He and his wife, Doreen, have two sons: Ahren married to Melissa, and Ryan married to Amanda. They also have two grandchildren— Ava & Miles.

Theresa Garner

Theresa Garner is a retired school teacher and is now using her talents to serve in various capacities in the Forrest Park congregation. She prepares the weekly Heart to Heart bulletin, writes and prints teaching materials for VBS at home and mission trips, and helps to facilitate the quarterly LAM Newsletter. Theresa is married to Don Garner, one of the elders at Forrest Park. They have two married children, Jonathan and Ashli, and five grandchildren.

Clint Dykes

Clint Dykes is our warehouse manager, along with being a deacon at the Forrest Park congregation. Clint has voluntarily headed up the foreign benevolence work for LAM since 2000.  He oversees the benevolence warehouse and the shipments of aid to Latin America. Clint and his wife, Ruth, are blessed with two children.

Meet our Elders: Those who GUIDE

LAM is under the leadership of the Forrest Park congregation in Valdosta. With an eldership overseeing our work we can make sure that all of our efforts are in accordance with the will of God.

Doug Daugherty

Doug Daugherty has been worshipping at Forrest Park since 1979. He was installed as a deacon in 2005, where he served on the Worship and Education committees. Then in 2014, he was appointed as an elder. Doug is a graduate of VSU with a degree in Accounting. He now serves as Vice President of Langdale Forest Products. Doug is married to Stacie and they have two children, Drew and Kyleigh.

Don Garner

Don Garner has worshipped at the Forrest Park congregation since 1980. Having served as a deacon for 18 years, Don was appointed as an elder in 2000. He has served on the educational committee for over 29 years and enjoys his personal Bible study time and teaching Bible classes at Forrest Park. He graduated from the Medical College of Georgia School of Dentistry in 1974 and has maintained a solo General Dentistry practice in Valdosta since 1975.

Doug Jones

Doug Jones has been worshipping at Forrest Park since 1987.  Doug was appointed an elder in November 2009.  He graduated from the University of Georgia School of Pharmacy in 1966 with a BS Pharmacy degree, and is now semi-retired and works part time.  He has been involved in Latin American Missions since 1988, serving as a pharmacist on medical missions teams.

Robert McLeod

Robert McLeod‘s roots have been at Forrest Park since he was a small child. Over the years, he has traveled on several evangelistic campaigns to Central and South America. In April of 1983 Robert was appointed as a Deacon where he served on many different committees. In June of 1994, he was appointed to serve as an elder. Robert is married to Beth and their family now includes; Blake, Anne, Lacy Ann and Mary Blake McLeod plus Will, Christina Mary Elizabeth and Rosalie Moore.

Barry Robinson

Barry Robinson was installed as a Deacon in January 1995 and was later appointed as an elder in March 2014. Barry is very involved in LAM and has taken part in several mission trips, traveling to Panama for the Bible School of the Americas and the Children’s Home. Barry is married to Betty and they have two grown children, Thomas and Lauren.

Donnie Swilley

Donnie Swilley has worshipped at Forrest Park since March, 2003. In July of 2005, he was installed as a deacon, serving with our youth committee. And in November 2009 Donnie was appointed an elder. Donnie is employed at S & S Woodworking doing cabinet design. He is married to Donna and they have two sons, Dillon and Dalton.