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Children of the Americas

The Children of the Americas began in the early 1990’s with the purpose of helping the poor and hungry children throughout Latin America–everywhere Latin American Missions is serving.

In most Latin American countries, we are confronted with children who need help. ~ Children who have no shoes or proper clothing. Beautiful children with dirty hands and faces. Hungry children with swollen bellies showing their lack of regular, nutritious meals.

These children must beg, rummage through garbage or steal in order to have anything to eat.  They are in dirty rags, they call clothes.  Some live in the streets without a place to call home or a family to watch over them.  Many have health problems needing immediate attention.  Some do not attend school because they can’t afford the uniforms or the materials.

The purpose of the Children of the Americas is to care for and feed the homeless, hungry children of Latin America.

Children’s Home


The Children’s Home of the Americas opened with three children in 1996 and has had as many as 45 children at one time.  The Home is devoted to serving the needs of orphaned, neglected, and/or abused children.  It provides a place to live and grow with loving and dedicated Christian parents and staff.  The physical needs of the children–food, clothing, health care, personal hygiene and self discipline–are met at the Children’s Home.  They attend school and, if desired, college.  Occasionally they enjoy a special outing to McDonalds or the park.

There has always been a family who lives and works full-time with these children, loving them as their own.  But having a “mom” and “dad” is not enough when it comes to caring for so many children; it takes many hands to keep everything running properly.  Two ladies clean the house and wash clothes six days a week.  There is a cook who prepares three healthy, delicious meals daily.  A driver must transport the children to and from school, take the cook to the grocery store and run other errands.  Homework help is a must; a Sister is in charge of making sure all homework is understood and completed.  A person comes each weekend to iron all the school uniforms for the coming week.  The smaller children have a special person to care for them and ensure they get baths, are dressed properly, and do their chores.  When a child gets sick, someone is in charge of getting them to the clinic and getting their medicine.  With so many children, you can imagine that things occasionally break; and so, there is a person in charge of maintenance.  As you can see, it is not a two or three person job to “raise” these children.  As you can imagine, “there is much to do, there is work on every hand;” and sometimes it seems there is a child everywhere you turn!

One of the goals for the Children of the Americas is to meet their spiritual needs.  Daily Bible devotionals are held before the kids get off to school each morning.  Sunday and Wednesday are times for the children and staff to gather with the local congregation which meets on the campus.  Sometimes the children learn and participate in door knocking and evangelism with the local preacher.  Having the knowledge of a Father in heaven who loves them is a gift we can give that is beyond measure.  If we fail to meet this goal, we will have failed them completely.

The Children’s Home of the Americas is always in need of donations.

Currently we need donations for the following:


Fire Protection System


Bathroom Repairs


To fulfill monthly budget

House Parents:

Roger Quiroz and Ilsa Vejerano
  • Roger and Ilsa were married in 2004 and have a daughter, Ilka.
  • Roger studied at the Bible School of the Americas and graduated in 2010.
  • Upon graduation they returned to their home in Los Cerrillos in David and worked with the church in that area.
  • They began working at the Children’s Home of the Americas in February 2012
Roger Quiroz and family